Call of the Wild Weekend Workshop Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March 2013 Cornwall

Call of the Wild Weekend Workshop 

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March 2013 Cornwall

Healing and Communication

with Elizabeth Whiter MHAO, IIZ, MNFSH


It gives me great pleasure to present this weekend workshop of animal healing and communication with birds of prey and companion animals at a beautiful rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary run by Sharon and Phil Bindon on the Devon-Cornwall border. Please visit to see the video of the wonderful time we all had last year at the Call of the Wild Workshop.


* I will be showing you various ways of healing animals from hands on to distant healing, connecting and telepathically linking with all sentient beings and developing your natural ability to communicate with all life. The power of meditation and being in the moment and applying creative visualisation skills to remain focused and grounded is vital for animal communication. On the Saturday we will be working with eagles, owls and birds of prey: Giving healing, handling them and observing them flying freely. You have an opportunity to practice the communication skills you have learnt during the day with these amazing birds. Wewill be learning basic wildlife husbandry skills and how to support the vital balance of nurturingnature. On the Sunday we will be honing our animal communication and healing skills with ourcanine and feline friends.There will be plenty of hands-on work over the two days. Birds of Prey we will be working with include:

* Russian Steppe Eagle     * Barn Owls      * Asian Wood Owl     * Ferruginous

Hawks     *Harris Hawks     * Turkmenian Eagle Owl      * Eurasian Eagle Owl    

* African Spotted Eagle Owl     * Peregrine Falcon     * Peregrine/Saker Falcon    

*Kestrel     * Sparrowhawk     * Tawny Owls      * Buzzard

The birds reside on a lovely 200 acre farm and are able to fly freely most days. Whilst most birds of prey are necessarily kept captive Phil and Sharon believe these magnificent birds needthe freedom to express them selves and lead a full life: roosting and resting at the sanctuarycombined with the freedom to hunt for their own food and stretch their wings out in theCornish air. It is a magnificent sight to see any of these birds taking flight and coming home to roost on your glove.