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Wild Penwith Hedge Survey


Wild Penwith Hedge Survey:

Getting started

What makes Cornish hedges special?  They are founded on stone
boundaries, but the legislation to protect hedgerows nationally looks at
the number of trees and woodland species in a hedge, which is not an
appropriate method for our hedges.  The Wild Penwith Project aims to
raise awareness of  the historic, landscape and biodiversity value of
hedges in West Penwith, and to gather data on the range of species
associated with hedges so as to highlight the importance of these often
ancient structures.

Walks Boscastle

Trailer from Walks Britain - walk around Boscastle, watch the full version.

Simply Green Cornwall member Orchard Lodge Boscastle offer discounts to those arriving on foot, by bike or on public transport - so why not rise to their environmental challenge and save some money!

Latest member - Newquay Sea Safaris

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trips

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trips

Chris and Annabelle Lowe have been running "Atlantic Diving" for about 25 years and in that time have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the marine habitat and environment on the North Cornwall Coast.

In the last couple of years they have expanded further into Marine Wildlife and sustainable environmental business practices including Cage Diving with Blue Sharks, Snorkelling with Basking Sharks and the very popular  Newquay Sea Safaris.

Newquay Sea Safaris website >>