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Environmentally sensitive caravan and camping park, Lands End, Sennen Cove, Penzance.

At Cornish Holiday Cottages we pride ourselves on our select portfolio of 60+ properties. Established since 1977 and still with our roots firmly in the Falmouth and Helford River area.

Our vision for green holidays at Cutkive Wood is to sympathetically manage it in such a way that its beauty, it's diversity of fauna and flora flourish and it's inherent peace and tranquillity remains.

Helsbury Park is the UK's leading dog friendly, self catering holiday accommodation.

A place where you can eat good food with friends & relax in comfort, Winter or Summer. Let us help you plan your day, make your reservations organise you precious time.

4 star self catering harbour cottage and apartments.

200 acre working hill farm situated high on Bodmin Moor between the villages of Blisland and St Breward. We are a demonstration holding for both the Soil Association and the Westcountry Rivers Trust.

As our logo says we've gone 'back to basics' - our 'free range' cattle graze the cliffs of our farm just 1.5 miles from St. Ives.

Friendly guest house in Penzance town.

walkitcornwall leads walks on the unique natural history, culture, industrial and nautical heritage of Cornwall through physically exploring sites and habitats on two circular walks per day totalling 7 miles.

Self-build catamaran designers.

Based in St Hilary, Penzance, Simon Berryman has been hedging since the early 1980's.

Deep sea fishing and sea safaris onboard the an eco-friendly catamaran The Atlantic Diver.

You will find us secretly nestled into the entrance of the wooded Valency Valley just a few paces from stunning Boscastle Harbour, the quaint Old Village and the dramatic South West Coastal Path.

St Austell stands at a crossroads - press release from Love St Austell

St Austell stands at a crossroads and decisions taken in the coming weeks  will have a huge impact on the future of the town and the people who live and work here.

We are writing to set out our vision for how we can collectively take St Austell forward and hope this letter will also dispel a lot of mistruths and rumours about our Love St Austell campaign and our opposition to the proposed Coyte Farm out-of-town shopping development.

After many years during which St Austell has struggled, we believe the town is now in an excellent position to revive its fortunes.

The town centre now has new private sector investors, owning nearly half of the space in the town centre, and who have chosen to invest here because they believe in the town and are ambitious for its future. These private sector investors, along with the Business Improvement District, a strong Chamber of Commerce and Town Council can achieve all that is required to deliver the town centre we all think St Austell deserves, within a period of 5 years from now.

Our vision will deliver a vibrant and viable town centre full of local, regional and national businesses, plus some out-of-centre stores for the brands that prefer this type of location; in addition to much needed infrastructure improvements.

We wish to put St Austell on the map as the Green Heart of Cornwall, a strong brand that will resonate with businesses, residents and tourists.

We are not anti-development. Out-of-centre retail development of appropriate scale, should and can take place in locations that are easily accessible and well connected to the town centre. This will provide the brands the town is seeking without undermining the viability of the town centre. Linked to this is the delivery of real infrastructure improvements that work to tackle current congestion rather than just adding to it.

So we are supportive of existing proposals for appropriate out-of-centre retail development due to their size, location and connection with the town centre. This includes Pentewan Road, where a 55,000sq ft Morrisons store is proposed along with further investment in the town centre and infrastructure improvements.

Over the medium term additional retail development can be accommodated on the Council’s Penwinnick House site and at Higher Trewhiddle Farm which we support for the same reasons.

The delivery of all this should be carefully planned via a clear Local Development Framework, which should be adopted no later than 2014.

We are strongly against the proposed retail development at Coyte Farm because:

·      Location -  It is outside of the town’s boundary on 98 acres of farmland when there are clearly more suitable, including brownfield, sites developable closer to the town centre.

·      Size - The proposal is larger than the whole of St Austell town centre and all other town centres in the County apart from Truro and Penzance.  It would create an alternative to the existing town centre because there is insufficient spending power to support both.

·      Jobs - No new jobs will be created, just relocated from the town centre and be of a poorer quality; local entrepreneurs driven out of business and replaced with part time jobs working in superstores.  Profits will be taken out of Cornish businesses and the Cornish economy.

·      Timing - There is at present no clear Local Development Framework, which should be adopted no later than 2014.  These proposals are so out of scale it is inappropriate that they should be adjudicated as a single planning application without consideration of the wider development of St Austell. Coyte Farm would adversely affect the sustainable growth of the town for over a generation.

It is simply not possible to have a vibrant and viable town centre and a retail development on the scale of Coyte Farm in a town the size of St Austell.   Despite numerous requests the developers have been unable to offer a single example where a scheme of this scale has not fatally undermined nearby towns.

If Coyte Farm is delivered it will lead to immediate business closures in the town centre. Without a vibrant town centre our sense of community will be further undermined and the recent achievements, such as the Torchlit Procession and Winter Wonderland, will be unsustainable.

Consequently the town centre will become a very unattractive place to be, with the obvious negative impact on the image of the town as a whole, undermining the tourist trade and other factors such as house prices.

This is what has happened already with towns around the country that have seen their town centres decimated by large out-of-town retail developments; examples can be seen across the country from Margate to Holyhead, Kirkcaldy to Llanelli.

We sincerely hope you will share our desire, as fellow residents, to see the carefully planned growth of the town that recognises the importance of a vibrant and viable town centre, as well as delivering the modern facilities to serve all ages within our community.

Please have your say by visiting

Coyte Farm potential


Coyte Farm

 Coyte Farm, 98 acres of Cornish farmland.


If Coyte Farm was developed for local food production using Aquaponics.
Running off the compostable waste from St Austell.
It would put Eden to shame.

Stop Coyte Farm a development too far.

Coyte Farm is currently a 98 acre farm a mile to the west of St Austell town centre near the village of St Mewen. The proposed development would turn it into the third largest retail space in Cornwall with a bigger shopping area than the existing St Austell town centre and larger than all Cornish town centres except Penzance.

Retail floor space, towns in Cornwall and Coyte Farm

The developers claim Coyte Farm will create 1300 jobs 650 of them in construction. The majority of the remaining 650 jobs no doubt being mostly shop assistants, checkout staff and shelf stackers. Construction jobs are always temporary and big developers often bring their own teams with them... Will Mercian Developments be sending 'local' workers 277 miles from Shrewsbury to St Austell? We probably won't know until the concrete starts flowing. Will jobs be lost from the town centre? Yes. 

Coyte Farm would be host to Sainsburys; building their store using the plans marked "Largest we do".

But then isn't it said that supermarkets bring more jobs?

Beetroot, carrot & apple juice

Beetroot Carrot & Apple Juice

Jucie 3 small beetroot, 5 apples & 750g of carrots to make two big glasses full.

Beetroot is a good source of vitamin A, manganese and potassium. A good juice to boost the immune system, could help beat high blood pressure and a great liver cleanser. A good hangover cure if you can stomach it :)

Sprouted seeds – probably the most nutritious food on Earth.

Sprouted seedsThey require no sunlight, no soil and no fertiliser to grow and take a matter of days to produce one of the most nutritious foods on the planet weight for weight. With such amazing health credentials you’d think world governments would be shouting their qualities from the rooftops – but hey, that’s politics for you.

Seeds and pulses are already considered a very healthy addition to your diet but to cook them in boiling water rather than soaking and sprouting them is to loose out on the extra benefits available from mother nature.

For example, a grain of wheat, increases its vitamin E content 300% after only 2 days of growth and the B2 vitamin riboflavin jumps from 13 milligrams to 54 mg in the sprout. In general, b vitamins can increase 300% to 1400% depending on the variety.

Before a seed, bean or nut has been sprouted it contains enzyme inhibitors; these enzyme inhibitors prevent the seed bean or nut from growing. The unsprouted seeds, beans and nuts when eaten are hard to digest as the enzyme inhibitors hinder our own bodies enzymes from digesting the nut / seed / bean. Sprouting de-activates the enzyme inhibitors present in the seed nut or bean and makes it easier for our body to digest the seed nut or bean. Because sprouting makes it easier for our bodies to digest the food we are able to gain more nutritional value from the sprouted food when compared to the same food in unsprouted form.

While the taste and flavour may take a little getting used to for the average western diet consumer the health benefits of sprouted seeds are leaps and bounds ahead of just about any other food. Why buy expensive vitamin and mineral supliments when a handful or two of sprouts added to your salad not only give a far more natural alternative to pills and tablets but also offer the additional benefits of a multitude of live enzymes, a necessity to food assimilation that the body struggles to produce as it ages.

Sprouts contain both vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber, as an example Alfafa sprouts contain iron, magnesium, all 8 of the essential amino-acids, chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D, fibre and more….

In this day and age of processed and convenience foods it is of great comfort that sprouts do not contain any artificially added chemicals, additives, preservatives, E numbers etc. Sprouts are eaten in their natural form, when a sprout is at its optimal growth point it simply needs to be rinsed in water to make it ready for eating. This means that sprouts are a valuable toxin free food source that even uses its own stored energy to complete the process.

The most common types of sprouts include: Mung, Aduki, Alfalfa, Radish, Sunflower, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Leek.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is one of the most nutrient dense foods around – full of vitamins and minerals, some of which are listed below.

        • Iron (more iron than red meat).
        • Calcium (more calcium than dairy).
        • Magnesium.
        • Mangenese, Chromium, Molybdenum, and many other trace minerals.
        • B Vitamins.
        • Vitamin E 

Mollases is a thick dark syrup obtained from the third boiling of a sugar syrup. It is the goodness left behind after sugar is refined.

Blackstrap molasses has been said to cure or help with many conditions such as constipation, diabetes, amenia, anxiety, acne, fibroid tumours, insomnia, arthritic pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and symptoms of menopause. Some people have reported grey hair returning to the original colour.

A Tablespoon a day is recommended, use as a sweeter in coffee or dilute in milk or water.

Cutkive Wood - Last Minute Special Offer Summer Holidays

Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges





So a 2 bedroom Lodge (sleeps 4) is now £500

And a 3 bedroom Lodge (sleeps 6) is just £620

 Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges

She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

This is a non-commercial attempt from to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (

Penny Farthing Post

Simply Green Cornwall caught up with Graham Eccles at the weekend, he set up his own Postal service around the  Bude area, in response to the high cost of Royal Mail Postage stamps. Find Penny Farthing Post on facebook here

Penny Farthing Post


Penny Farthing Post

Newquay Sea Safaris Seal Survey

Seal Survey Cornwall

What a fantastic day we had during the Seal Survey today. Seals, Common Dolphins, Gannets, Razorbills, Guilliemots and our first Sunfish of the season all spotted from on board "Atlantic Diver" with the best crew of Wildlife Surveyors...MORE PHOTOS AND FULL STORY